Parenting From Prison

Parenting from Prison is the untold story of Charles Brown, JR who is currently incarcerated in his 39th year of a life sentence at Angola State Penitentiary’s Camp D where he works at inmate counsel. Dominque, his only daughter, created parenting from prison to provide cultural competency training on the impact of mass incarceration on young black girls and the challenges they face growing up with a parent in prison. Parenting from Prison (PP)  is an initiative that works to educate stakeholders, teachers, prisons or any institutions who provide services to children directly impacted by incarceration with essential tools to promote effective change.


Children with incarcerated parents are different. We are bold, unique and courageous. To love someone beyond prison walls is to love someone unconditionally. 



Dominque is the Chairwoman of the Louisiana Council for Children of Incarcerated Parents. She is an adult child with a parent currently serving a life sentence in prison. In 2018, she founded Daughters Beyond Incarceration (, a nonprofit that works to enhance the lives of girls with a parent in prison. A native New Orleanian, Dominque is an expert on trauma due to parental incarceration. She is dedicated to educating communities on best practices for shifting paradigms, creating safe and supportive environments for children living with a parent in prison to decrease trauma-related stress and anxiety and nurture success. 


Awards & Accolades Include:

City Business Women of the year 

Youth Justice Leadership Institute

Essence Fest Next Generation of Leaders

As Featured On:


Dominque applies her social justice lens to current events, grass root organizations and communities to  help reframe issues that are generally viewed as individual in origin to include a more lived experience aspect. Dominque can assist you with developing a strategic plan to educate your audience on topics such as:

The Impact of Mass Incarceration 

The Criminal Justice System 

Educating teachers/school staff and institutions on positive relationships with CIP’s

Racial Equity – Children with incarcerated parents 

Black Women Leaders

Resolving Trauma

Building Relationships with Incarcerated Persons

Connecting Families through Incarceration 

Intergenerational effects of mass incarceration 

How to turn an idea into an award winning nonprofit that’s funded

How to win at grant writing

Finding your people in the nonprofit world

Effective Parenting

Mind Mapping

Charles is available for interviews via email with a two week response time.

When are you coming home?


Published in Loyola’s Law Review 2007

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